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"A stepping stone on my path to this Olympic Gold Medal came from years of dance at XBa..."
~ Lisa Roman

2020 Olympic Gold Medallist, Tokyo
Canada's Women's 8 Rowing

To Nela:  "You are the best teacher in the country.  My athletes still rave over your great core strength classes."
~ Joanne McLeod

World & Olympic Coach
Champs International Skating Centre of BC

"The ARTS are alive in Surrey!  Surrey Board of Trade congratulates XBa on your leadership in dance performance art. Dancers are involved in the yearly creative process of staging completely original live and digital dance performance through Nela's mentorship."
~ Anita Huberman

CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

"I cannot thank you enough for all you do - the energy you put into the studio leapt off the stage through all of those talented dancers.  You and Amadea should be very proud of what you are doing for the arts scene in South Surrey/White Rock."
~ The Honourable Judge Rose Raven

"Congratulations on another full day of promoting the Arts in White Rock.  Thank you to everyone for their hard work and commitment to showcasing the arts as a vital component of White Rock's quality of life!"
~ Elizabeth Keurvorst
Manager, Cultural Development, City of White Rock

"XBa is where it's at.  As a dancer you learn to become an artist.  As a person you gain a family.  It's really a special place that I enjoy coming to each week to learn and unwind.  Teachers are highly trained professionals who are actively working in the field.  It's very refreshing."
~ Aimee K

"My daughter danced at XBa for 7 years and absolutely thrived in the nurturing, passionate, creative environment.  Although she has now graduated and received her certificate in dance, it is the life long friendships and her connection to her XBa dance family that has been her greatest joy."
~ Joelle P

"Excellent programmes.  Modern take on the classic dance school.  Edgy and exciting.  Teachers are incredible."
~ Carol N

"Not simply a dance studio but a true dance community.  Where the styles of Contemporary, Ballet, Urban Fusion, Breakdance and many more await dancers to study the Art of Dance.  Beyond a spectacular education in dance and performance.  XBa offers students a place to discover themselves.  Where their passions can be expressed and lifelong skills are developed to lead students towards success no matter the path they take in life."
~ Melissa P

"At XBa dancers of all abilities are welcomed by the faculty, and other dancers.  Their focus is on the art of dance and the performance rather than "who is the best?"  No one is trying to better than anyone else, they encourage each other and celebrate each other.  Dancers are encouraged to express their own creativity and the result is love of dance that is felt the moment you walk into the studio."
~ Christine D 

"Nela, I just have to say that the show last night was truly amazing.  It is hard to imagine the time, thought and effort that went in to making that evening so magical.  Thank you."
~ Paddi R


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