As members in good standing of UNESCO's Conseil International de la Danse (International Dance Council), XBa offers the International Certification in Dance Studies award to graduating members of the XBa Performance Programs.  Becoming a member of a Performance Program at XBa means that DANCE EDUCATION is the first priority after school.  
The Junior level (ages 8-11) is the introductory Performance program taken over 4.5 hours of dance training per week, including Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop.
The Intermediate level (ages 11-13) is the secondary level of Performance Program training, where dancers take over 6 hours per week of classes, including Contemporary, Ballet and Hip Hop.
The Senior level offers two options: 
Senior A 
(ages 14+)
Students must maintain a minimum of 10 hours of dance classes per week, and make dance training their first priority.  Commitment to the program and attendance at all performances are mandatory.
Senior B (ages 14+)
Students must maintain a minimum of 6.5 hours of dance training per week, but are not eligible for the Certification stream.
The B level gives dance students the opportunity to also hold other extra-curricular activities while still having the option of participating in the season's numerous performances.
Every season XBa Performance Program students participate in the Canada Culture Days events (September), The XBa Christmas Fundraiser (December), the InFormal & ProShow (March), the CID Certification Event (March), International Dance Day (April), and the XBa year end performance (June).  

Students and Parents are welcomed to inquire about admission to a Performance Program by contacting director Nela H directly at nela@xba.ca, and the director may also invite exceptional students to join.