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The XBa Centre of Dance is currently the only dance education facility in Western Canada to offer the International Certification in Dance Studies Program, awarded by UNESCO's International Dance Council. 


Individual XBa dancers have the ability to earn a yearly certification in Contemporary Dance Studies, ranging from Level 1 to 10.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS for the 2024/25 Dance Season:

1. Age 11+

2. A minimum of one season training recreationally at XBa in at least 1 age/level-appropriate Contemporary class and the age/level-appropriate Ballet class (2 seasons or more are preferred; registration in additional classes and/or styles an asset)

3. The prospective XBa dancer must show:

  • Strong progression throughout the season

  • Strong work ethic and dedication to their dance training; minimal class absences

  • Positive participation in all classes

  • Willingness to learn and apply corrections when given

Prospective XBa dancers interested in this program who meet all the above requirements will be evaluated in one of their classes by the Director, and the dancer and their parent(s) must come in for an Interview and Question/Answer Session with the Director.  


XBa dancers, please contact Amadea directly to start your application process.


Meeting these requirements DOES NOT guarantee admission into the Program.


Admission into the Program DOES NOT guarantee the dancer an International Certification in Dance Studies.  

There are a separate set of requirements dancers must abide by once admitted.

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