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Effective September 9, 2023 to June 14, 2024

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September 9         Dance Season Starts

October 9             Thanksgiving - school closed

November 11         Remembrance Day - school closed

December 15        Last Day of Classes before Winter Break

December 16        XBall - The Annual Christmas Party

December 17        Winter Break Starts


January 8               Classes Resume

February 19           Family Day - school closed

March 9                 CID Evaluation for Certification Students

March 14               Last Day of Classes before Spring Break

March 15               InFormal + ProShow - in studio

March 16               Spring Break Starts

April 2                   Classes Resume

April 29                 International Dance Day - TBA

May 20                 Victoria Day - school closed

June 15                  XBa...Live?  The Year End Show

MONDAYS       Teachers:  Amadea & Nela H 

4-5:30pm             Contemporary III / IV                                ages 11+

5:30-6:30pm       Pointe                                                         Certification dancers 14+ only

6:30-7:30pm       Adult Contemporary Ballet                     ages 18+


TUESDAYS       Teacher:  Skye Ferguson

4-5pm                     Ballet I / II                                                   ages 3-6          

5-6pm                     Ballet III                                                      ages 7-11

6-7pm                     Ballet IV                                                      ages 11+    

WEDNESDAYS Teacher:  Amadea H

4-5:30pm             All Styles Creative Movement III / IV*    ages 11+ 

5:30-7pm             Certification Choreography                     Certification dancers only

6:30-8pm             Intermediate Adult Contemporary          ages 18+, experience required

THURSDAYS    Teacher:  Nela H

4-5:30pm             Contemporary II                                          ages 8-10

5:30-6:30pm      All Styles Creative Movement II*             ages 8-10

6:30-8pm             Advanced Contemporary                         ages 18-30, experience required


FRIDAYS         Teacher:  Ryan Williams

4:30-6pm             Hip Hop III / IV                                            ages 11+

6-7:30pm              Breakdance III / IV                                     ages 11+


SATURDAYS   Teacher:  Yarra Tsiakos

11am-12pm            Adult Hip Hop                                             ages 18+

12-1pm                   Hip Hop I / II                                                  ages 5-7

1-2pm                     Hip Hop II / III                                             ages 8-10

2:30-3:30pm      Diverse Abilities Dance                               ages 18+

*All Styles Creative Movement must be taken with a minimum of one additional class

Classes are open to all ability levels. 

No auditions required, and a strong work ethic is mandatory!

All classes are open to dance students who wish to train for their own health, wellbeing, artistry, and fitness.

The International Certification in Dance Studies is available for the serious dance student who wishes to train and perform extensively. Check out the Certification Program page for more information.

XBa is the home of the DISKORDANSE Company, a professional dance group. Admission by audition.

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